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Solarsuit plays their last song ever live and it ROCKED! Song: Sleep Talking.

A Brief History of Agile

"Agile" development was a peculiar sport played by "software engineers," a type of indentured servant who made their living by tapping buttons all day instead of taking up a real career as a doctor, a lawyer or an actual engineer. Agile was created as a form of entertainment for Scrum Masters, software engineers who had been given special privileges in return for keeping the others in line.

In this episode of the Achieve Today podcast, we sat down with Executive Coach Andrew Brinton to talk about the best ways to choose authentic positivity every day.

Findka gives you a personalized list of links to online content. Tell us which ones you like, and our algorithms will adapt to your preferences over time. Links are aggregated from Atom/RSS feeds—if you submit your own feeds, we'll grow your audience automatically.


We don't accept paid advertising. Instead, we plan to charge creators for access to aggregate usage data from their audiences so they can improve their work.

Road map

Right now, feeds are mainly used for articles and podcasts. However, a feed is just a curated list of links: they're a great data source for any kind of content. We plan to help develop tools that make it easy for everyone to create feeds for all the content they like. At the same time, we'll continually improve Findka's recommendation and search algorithms.

Feeds are also an open, decentralized form of data. Many of today's tech giants maintain their power by controlling data. If feeds became more common, they could foster more competition in the software industry.